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The Sy- klone RESPA® is the ideal technology for Electrical Enclosures, Alternators & smaller Cabin applications that only have a single occupant, require optimum Cabin Pressurisation & Clean Fresh Air to either Merv16+ or HEPA (EN1822)

RESPA® PFP System goes beyond that of Conventional / Standard Cabin Pressurisers and Filtration Units. The Sy- Klone RESPA® units are devices that provide the user with a high quality and effective (PFP) Precleaner + Filtration + Pressuriser System.

The RESPA® Units come as a complete stand - alone motorised unit and can be configured to be provided as  either:

  • RESPA® CF HyperFLOW External Air Unit with a >H13 HEPA or Merv16+ Filter Element..
  • RESPA® CFX Recirculation Air Unit also with a >H13 HEPA or MERV16+ Filter Element.

RESPA® is suitable for Electrical Enclosures, Alternators, Cell Towers and other smaller Cabins (eg Skid Steers) that contain a single occupant and will provide a clean dust free air supply compliant to OH&S Standards.

For the Ultimate System for larger machines, multiple occupants, higher air volumes, need for additional or integrated HVAC unit and / or  where a certified Cabin Environment is required, then see our Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air Systems.

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