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LSM Technologies Doran TPMSystems are the world leaders in R&D, Manufacture and Development of Heavy Duty TPMSystems that monitor the Pressure and Temperature of your Pneumatic Tyres. Supplied either as a Stand- alone System or integrated into our SafetyTrax (IVMS) In- Vehicle Monitoring Systems with live Web Based Reporting.

LSM Technologies Tyre Pressure / Temperature Monitoring Systems is part of our advanced product technology portfolio to support and provide our customers equipment with enhanced Safety / Health + Equipment Damage + Productivity / Maintenance cost-downs.

Our TPMS Systems are also integrated into our SAFETRACS In- Vehicle Monitoring Systems with live Web Based Reporting.

LSM Technologies TPM Systems are not "toys"- they are a proven and robust technology that is purpose- built to survive and function efficiently in operational / environmental extremes, providing the highest of accuracy, durability, reliability and protection for your pneumatics tyres- and the vehicle occupants.

Our specialised TMSystems are utilised on any vehicle / machine that has a pneumatic tyre and is ideally designed for domestic and heavy industrial equipment such as Mining / Earthmoving Vehicles, Trucks / Trailers, Cranes, Buses and even for Passenger Cars / RVs, Caravans, Motorcycles.

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