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Ride-On® Auto + SUV Formula is an innovative tyre sealant that has been specially formulated to seal punctures, prevent leaks, balance tyres, and extend tyre life in all Cars, Light Truck, SUV, RV, Van, Caravan and Trailer tyres.

The Ride-On Tyre Protection System (TPS) Auto+ SUV formula tyre Sealant and Balancer is designed for tyres operating at speeds upto and in excess of 50 Kph.

The Auto + SUV formula will seal punctures in tubeless tyres from perforating objects up to 6.25 mm(1/4") in diameter 3.2 mm (1/8" in tube tyres) that enter the Crown Tread area of the tyre.

Ride-On TPS Auto + SUV formula helps balance your tyres to give you a smoother ride. It is compatible with our Doran Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and will not plug your valve stems- No other Sealant can make that claim!

The Ride-On TPS Auto + SUV formula is a revolutionary Tyre Sealant and Balancer and turns them into self-sealing tyres using fibres that are six times stronger than steel.

Auto + SUV formula tyre sealant helps tyres maintain their pressure up to 500% better than untreated tyres. Properly inflated tyres that are balanced run cooler and last longer. less flexing, bounce and fatigue equals longer tyre life of Upton 25% or more!

Available in convenient 473 ml bottles, 19 litre and 208 litre drums.

Please also refer to the below Product Information below and requirements for  Calculating Dosages that you need for each Tyre and Installation Instructions.

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