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With Ride-On TPS MOT Tyre Sealant and Balancers, for your high speed Motorcycles, Trikes and Trailer your tyre literally fixes itself! And since it stops slow leaks the moment they start, your tyres always stay properly inflated. Your tyres last longer, your bike handles better, your fuel economy improves, and you ride more safely.

The Ride-On Tyre Protection System (TPS) MOT formula tyre Sealant and Balancer is designed for tyres operating at speeds upto and in excess of 50 Kph.

Stop Flat Tyres Before They Stop You! Great for Sport Bikes, Touring, Cruisers, Motocross, Trikes, Sidecars, Trailers.

MOT is compatible with our Doran Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and will not plug your valve stems.

As tested in Rider Magazine! They put 9 holes in their tyres ..... and kept on riding! “Unlike aerosol roadside repairs and even slime, the popular sealant favoured by bicyclists and off-road riders, Ride-On’s chemicals do not adversely affect aluminium rims. This is worth considering. Over 5,000 miles and a variety of driving conditions, I found no discernible effect – positive or negative – upon wheel balance or any other area of performance .... just a giant gain in a tyre’s ability to hold air in the presence of sharp metal objects.”

Larry Grodsky, Contributing Editor – Rider Magazine

Ride-On TPS MOT will eliminate 85-95% of your flats in tubeless tyres from objects up to 6.3 mm (1/4") and 3.2 mm (1/8” for tube tyres) that penetrate the contact area of your tyre. Ride-On’s efficiency in tube tyres is reduced to 55-65% since puncturing objects often tear the tube. It is impossible for a tyre sealant to seal a tear. It is vital to remove the puncturing object immediately from a tyre containing a tube to prevent further damage that can result in tearing the tube. Available in convenient 473 ml bottles, 19 litre and 208 litre drums.

Please also refer to the below Product Information below and requirements for Calculating Dosages that you need for each Tyre and for Installation Instructions.

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