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Ride-On TPS ATV formula is designed for ATVs and Off Road Vehicles that require extra protection in extreme operating conditions and upto speeds of 80 kph. The ATV formula was designed to provide superior sealing capabilities in tubeless tyres that operate at a wide range of operating pressures.

The ATV formula offers effective protection against punctures from objects up to 6.25 mm (1/4") in diameter. It is ideal for ATVs, UTVs, skid-steers, landscaping, agricultural, and other smaller off-road vehicles. The ATV formula helps eliminate bead leaks, conditions casings, and extends tyre life by helping tyres maintain their pressure and run cooler.

The ATV formula is compatible with our Doran Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and will not plug your valve stems.

  • Safe to use - Non-flammable, non-hazardous, biodegradable.
  • Professionally Tested, Race Proven!
  • Reduces downtime - Prevents flats and seals multiple punctures up to 6.25 mm (1/4”) in diameter. Helps seal slow leaks that cause tyres to deflate over time.
  • Will not harm tyres and wheels - ATV conditions casings and contains corrosion inhibitors to protect steel, aluminium, and yellow metals from oxidation.
  • Water dispersible - Washes out with plain water leaving no residue. Ride-On ATV formula will not interfere with the application of tyre plug and patch repairs.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions - Specially formulated to prevent freezing at extremely low temperatures -40 DEC (-40 Def) and separation at high temperatures.
  • Available in convenient 946 ml bottles19 litre and 208 litre drums.

Please also refer to the below Product Information and requirements for  Calculating Dosages that you need for each Tyre and Installation Instructions.

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