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Ride-On Tyre Protection System (TPS) Bike-On™ formula is designed to provide superior protection for your Bicycle Tyres and helps eliminated the inconvenient flat tyres that you might get on remote trails, during weekend rides, or on your daily commutes.

Use Bike-On™ TPS in your children's bikes, and reduce the worries of what might happen to your loved ones should they get a flat tyre. Professional inner-city courier services and delivery companies rely on Bike-On™  for Bikes to eliminate flat tyres and make sure that their deliveries make it to their destination on time.

The Bike-On™  formula is designed to work in tube and tubeless bicycle tyres (not for use with presto valves) to seal punctures from objects up to 3.18 mm (1/8") in diameter. Bike-On helps prevent flats and helps tyres last longer.

As with all Ride-On TPS formula's, the Bike-On™ formula contains corrosion inhibitors that protect steel and aluminium wheels and tyre belts against rust.

Bike-On™ TPS works on all makes, types and sizes of tyres. Bike-On™  TPS has been designed to operate for the legal life of a tyre and one application is all that is needed.

Bike-On™ TPS is completely safe to use. It is not explosive or flammable, and contains no carcinogens or ozone depleting chemicals.

Available in convenient 273 ml bottles, 19 litre and 208 litre drums.

Application of Bike-On™ TPS is simple- juts add 1/2 of a 237 ml Bottle into each Tyre of your Bicycle- not need to calculate so just go directly to our On line Shop to order.

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