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So as to maximise / optimise the Precleaner Efficiency, Filter Service Life, Fuel Economy and Engine Performance, it is essential that the correctly sized Series 9000 Precleaners is selected, based upon the calculated Engine Air In- take CF (M/m) requirements.

For assistance with selecting the correct Series 9000 model for your equipment, see our on-line Series 9000 Sizing Wizard which will also provide you with information on required Adaptor and other Ancillaries.

However, it is always good practice to also check in case you have specific changes in the Engine or Air- intake specifications, so please also use the Calculation Spreadsheet below which you may copy / download or use on our web site.

Just fill in th specific details in the Calculation Spreadsheet and it will calculate your exact CFM rating of your Engine. Other aspects to consider before ordering your Precleaner are:

  1. Hood / Other Clearance: Do you have enough Air In- take tubing to ensure that the Hood to Precleaner clearance is adequate. If the Precleaner is to close to the top of the Hood then it will draw debris that accumulate on top of the Hood and also if to close can restrict air- intake volume. Also check is adequate clearances around the Precleaner- refer to Mounting Dimensions section.
  2. Adaptors / Extensions: Do you need an Adaptor, Extensions or other Ancillaries to install you Precleaner? Check the Adaptor Kits + Ancillary Components section.
  3. Radial Housing "Duck Bill": Need the Plug (must be installed) for the Radial Filter Housing "Duck Bill / Dump Valve"? Check our Adaptor Kits + Ancillary Components section.

If you need assistance then please contact us and we can calculate / assess what you need.

If asking for assistance, please have your Engine - Air In- take  Data / Dimensions available- refer to details in the Calculation Spreadsheet.

CFM Formula Calculator V 2.0 Email this File (33.00 KB)
CFM Formula Calculator- Question Form v 2.xls Email this File (25.50 KB)

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