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Our In- Cabin Pressure Sensor Unit can be set between 0- 200 pascals and will provide the Operator with a LED reading of the Pressure within the Cabin. If the Cabin pressure drops below the Alarm set- point then this indicates:

  • If the cabin is properly sealed: If positive pressure is not maintained within the Cabin then contaminants can enter exposing the Operator to harmful airborne debris.
  • When to replace the RESPA fresh Air Filter Element?: If the cabin is properly sealed and the Pressure Sensor / Monitor still indicates reduced pressure, it is time to replace the Filter Element or Co2 concentration may occur.

Some other features of the ICPSensor are:

  • Pressure Sensing: Can be set for a pressure range between 0-200 pascal. 
  • Low Pressure Signal Alarm: Visual + Audible Alarm- Audible Alarms have three levels or can be turned- off.
  • Silence Alarm: a Silence Alarm button is provided.
  • LED Read Out: Provides a constant LED read- out of the Cabin Pressure.
  • No False Alarms: Allows for 10 seconds before alarming to allow for Doors  / Windows can be opened / shut.
  • Low voltage Output Signal: Allows for external monitoring / alarm or interfacing to telemetry of Cabin Pressure (20 pascal increments).
  • Robust, multi voltage input (12-36 VDC) and is simple / quick to install.

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