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RESPA™ HVAC (Heating / Ventilation / Air- Conditioning) PFP (Precleaner + Filtration + Pressuriser) Technology is the ultimate solution for your mobile and fixed plant HVAC Filtration.

This new generation of RESPA™ PFP HVAC Precleaner Technology extends service life of filtersdramatically reduces maintenance of the HVAC System, increases the health of the Operator, eliminates CO2 concentration, maintains cleanliness and correct pressurisation of the Operators Cabin.

This synergy of the latest RESPA™ PFP technology will provide:

  • Protection of Operators Health to OEL Legislation Compliance.
  • Protection of Cabin internals.
  • Enormous cost savings in HVAC Maintenance and Filter Elements.
  • Enhanced Productivity up time.

To achieve the maximum / optimum results then it is essential that all HVAC Systems are designed with a complete PFP configuration consisting of the following: 

  • RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW™ External Air- Ejective Fresh Air Unit: Using either our specially designed Merv16+ or >H13 HEPA Grade Filter Element, this PFP provides for Precleaning, Filtration of the External Air and maintains correct Pressurisation of the Operators Cabin. Filtered Fresh Air supply also is essential so as to off- set Co2 Concentration that can cause acidosis, fatigue, drowsiness, micro- sleeps, etc.
  • RESPA®-CFX Inline Recirculation Air Unit: Using either our specially designed Merv16+ or >H13 HEPA Grade Filter Element this Unit replaces the existing HVAC Recirculation Filter Panel and provides HEPA Filtration of Particulate that gets entrapped in the Cabin from Opening / Closing Doors, Operator clothing, Boots, etc.
  • In Cabin Pressure Monitoring Sensor (ICPSMonitor Unit: In- Cabin Pressure Sensor Unit monitors Cabin Pressure and will provide the Operator with a Visual (and / or Audible) Indicator Warning should pressure drop below the set- point. Also the ICPSMonitor will ensure that Co2 Concentration does not occur due to blockage of the External Filter.

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