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Technical Specifications for our Sy- klone RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW™ External Air PFP Unit. For more detailed information, please refer to RESPA System Product Literature.

Mounting: Vertical or Horizontal
Filter Options: MERV 16+ or HEPA >H13 (EN1822)
Precleaning Efficiency: ≥90% @ 5 μ in normal operating range

24volt DC Unit (12 amp start / 6 amp constant)
12 Volt DC Unit (24 amp start / 12 amp constant)

Operating Parameters: Ideal operation range: 85-130 Cfm (40- 60 L/sec RESPA CF)
Extended operation range: up to 150 cfm (70 L/Sec RESPA CFE)
Operation temperature: -40° C to +85° C continuous; +100° C short exposure
Dimensions: With Rain Cap installed, approximately 19.1" x 10.1" x 10.3" (48.51 x 25.65 x 26.16 cm)
Weighs 9.8 lbs. (4.45 kg) with rain cap and filter.
Construction: Glass-filled injection molded polypropylene exterior
metal fan blade
288W initial start-up, 144W constant
available 12V or 24V DC motor with sealed housing and sealed ball bearings (CF)
Cab Pressurisation: Maintains designed cab pressurisation over extended operating periods even when A/C is off,
resulting in dramatically increased operator comfort.

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