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The RESPA®-CF External PFP Air Unit Unit provides Precleaning of the debris from the External Air and delivers Fresh Filtered Air to the HVAC / Cabin. The RESPA®-CF External PFP Unit uses either our specially designed Merv16+ or >H13 HEPA Grade Filter Element and  replaces the existing HVAC External Filter Panel

 Creating the VORTEX

1. Particulate-laden air enters the precleaner inlet.
2. The fan creates a VORTEX, a tornado-like spinning motion, whipping the air and particulate to the outside wall as it approaches the fan blades.

Creating the HYPER spin Precleaner

3. Spinning air HYPER-accelerates as it passes through louvers, further enhancing centrifugal forces powerful enough to affect particle separation down to 5 µ.

The RESPA®-CF Vortex HyperFLOW™ External Air PFP provides for optimum (96- 98%) Precleaning of the External Air and maintains correct Pressurisation

Creating the continuous FLOW

4. Particulate is spun against the outside wall of the device and propelled rapidly around the filter to the rear of the device in one continuous FLOW of air.
5. Particulate is ejected back into the environment through two ejection ports located at the rear of the device.
6. Precleaned air passes through the filter. Filtered air continues to the outlet.

Self-cleaning Filter.

Vortex HyperFLOW hyper accelerates particulate-laden airflow around the filter, continually vacuuming particulate off of the filter and ejecting it out of the filter housing. Unlike any previous technology, the entire filter housing remains essentially particulate-free.

Harnessing the Pressure Surge,

The RESPA®-CF with Sy-Klone's unique MERV 16+ / >H13 HEPA Filter Media Technology harnesses the pressure surge that occurs whenever the door of the cab is slammed closed. The RESPA®-CF is designed to act as a pressure release valve that converts vibrations and pressure fluctuations into filter cleaning events by allowing the filter to flex, thereby releasing arrested particulate back into the filter housing to be ejected, thus lowering filter restriction and extending filter life.

See this link RESPA®-CF External Air PFP for detailed Technical Specifications. Please refer to this link RESPA System Product Literature for detailed Product Literature. For more information or technical advice on your application please contact us

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