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The RESPA®-CFX Inline Recirculated Air Unit works in a similar way to the RESPA®-CF External Air Unit except that there are no Ejection Ports.

The RESPA®-CFX Inline Recirculation Air Unit uses either our specially designed Merv16+ or >H13 HEPA Grade Filter Element and  replaces the existing HVAC Recirculation Filter Panel and provides HEPA Filtration of Particulate that gets entrapped in the Cabin from Opening / Closing Doors, Operator clothing, Boots, etc. 

The RESPA®-CFX Inline Recirculation Air Unit will provide:

  • Optimum Filtration of the Recirculation Air inside the Cabin.
  • Rapid removal of airborne particulate >0.3 micron at more than 99%.
  • Is independent of the HVAC and so will Filter the Air whether the HVAC is on or off.

See this link RESPA®-CFX Recirculation Air PFP for detailed Technical Specifications.

Please refer to this link RESPA System Product Literature for detailed Product Literature. For more information or technical advice on your application please contact us

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