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LSM Technologies SAFETM System provides users with Fleet Tracking information via a GPS Hub mounted in the vehicle, like the many other Fleet Tracking Systems.available in the market.

The intuitive browser interface provides single click access to fleet dashboards, customisable reports, compliance tools as well as real time, user defined alerts. The SAFE System provides vehicle diagnostics and more.

SAFETM management solution is scalable from a single vehicle up to thousands. Recorded  information maintained in the SAFETM Web Based System is:


Flexible visualisation provides greater context when managing your fleet. SAFETRACS™ supports Road, Terrain and Satellite Views in combination with custom overlays, such as weather, to provide the best visual context when you need it.

Traffic / Routing:

Real time traffic information can be overlaid with a single click to improve routing around congested traffic while also identifying nearby fleet vehicles to improve dispatch times.

User definable landmarks provide Geo-fencing capabilities around important areas or prohibited locations. Combined with the customisable Alert Engine, landmarks enable real time exception based notification to authorised users based on geographic proximity, inclusion or exclusion.

Enterprise Dashboard.

Real time dashboards provide vehicle and fleet wide visual summaries of commonly tracked features such as distance travelled, idle time, speeding, stops and engine on/ off reports. Simple bar graphs and pie charts are rendered in real time with clear colour codes for fast visualisation and corrective action.


SAFETRACS™ is a flexible platform ready for current and future compliance requirements as they come on line.


User customisable alert templates and alert rules can be configured to send out the right message to the right person at the right time. The flexibility of the alert engine means SMS or E-mail alerts can be automatically generated to notify arrival times, speeding, panic events and more.

Authorised users can run comprehensive reports based on a growing library of templates for individual vehicles or the entire fleet. Granular parameters such as driver group, vehicle, driver, time and date are all user selectable.


Integration to many other technologies such as:

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