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In this video we demonstrate how Co2 levels can concentrate quickly from the respiration of the occupants inside the Cabin.

There are many reports / studies completed on Co2 concentration in Vehicles that prove with a single Occupant that the Co2 can increase to >3,000 ppm within 8.0 minutes- this is more than 3 x times the WHO (World Health Organisation) / (AIHRA) Australian Institute of Heating Refrigeration and Air- conditioning recommend.

Unacceptable Co2 concentration have proven to effect Concentration, cause Fatigue / Micro- sleeps, etc and in severe cases Acidosis.

Test Procedure: In this test our Philip Beckett demonstrated how quickly Co2 will concentrate inside a Cabin- with a single occupant. By turning off the RESPA® External Filtration Unit we simulated a blocked External Filter or situations where an Operator may switch their Air- conditioning System to Recirculation Air only (to avoid entry of contamination,  high / low ambient temperatures, inefficient Air- conditioning, etc). So we only had the  Recirculation Air Unit operational.

AIHRA recommend that "Exhaust Air Leakage"fresh air displacement should be 10- 15 litres / second for each Occupant inside a Cabin. In our test the RESPA® External Filtration Unit provided >25 l /sec of Fresh Air to the Cabin  for this Quality Cabin Environmental Air System design. For Cabins with more Occupants- eg Light Vehicles we provide different designs for increased air supply.

Test Results: Testing demonstrated in the Video below that:

  • Firstly the External Air Unit was turned off and the Recirculation Air Unit left Operational only.
  • As displayed on the LCD Monitors the Co2 Sensor inside the Cabin quickly depicted an increase in Co2 Concentration (outside levels are normally <600 ppm) of >3,000 ppm within 12 minutes. Consider that Phil was not driving / operating a machine, talking on the radio, concentrating, etc. Subsequently, it would be reasonable to presume that if Phil was working normally he would have a higher respiratory rate and so Co2 concentration would have been even more excessive- and increased more quickly.
  • Once Co2 concentration had reached >3,000 ppm the RESPA® External Filtration Unit was initialised (note re- pressurisation of Cabin) supplying Fresh Filtered (HEPA) Air with the Co2 levels rapidly dropping to acceptable (700 ppm) concentration levels within 8 x minutes.

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