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This video clip is of our Test Cabin and demonstrates the efficiency of our RESPA® / Q-CABAIR™ Quality Cabin Environmental Air (QCEA) Technology and how it excludes Contamination entering the Cabin and the effects of filtering External Air to HEPA >H13 / H14 levels of 99.95% @ 0.3 micron.

Video we demonstrate how Co2 levels can concentrate quickly from the respiration of the occupants inside the Cabin.
  • Unacceptable Co2 concentration (> 700- 1,000 ppm) has proven to effect Concentration, cause Fatigue / Micro- sleeps, etc & in severe cases Acidosis.
  • AIHRA recommend "Exhaust Air Leakage"- Fresh Air displacement-   7.5 to 10 litres / second for each Occupant inside a Cabin.
  • More Occupants- eg Light Vehicles / Buses require increased External Air Flow to off- set Co2.
  • It would be reasonable to presume that if Phil was working normally that his respiratory rate would be higher with Co2 concentration being even more excessive and increasing more rapidly.

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