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This Video demonstrates the efficiency of the LSM Technologies Quality Cabin Environmental Air System's RESPA® Recirculation Filtration Unit (HEPA >H13 / H14) This is an extreme test with a more representative test of real Operating conditions demonstrated in the RESPA Recirculation Filtration of Entrapped Contamination Test Video.
A Smoke Emitter of 18 x m3 with Particulate size of 0.3 micron is ignited inside the Cabin.
After <2.0 minutes testing Cabin was visually clear of contamination- however still > acceptable levels.
After 5.0 minutes Airborne Contamination dropped to H13 / H14 HEPA levels >99.995% efficiency & mass concentration of 0.000 mg / m3.
Smoke Emitter produced Airborne Contamination levels of mass concentration 200 x times that of any OEL.

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