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Our Fuel-Magnetic Stabiliser:

  • Stabilises the Fuel.
  • Disruption of the Bacteria Cell Walls.

Our Fuel-Magnetic Stabiliser Systems have 2 functions:

1. Stabilising the diesel fuel.

Diesel fuel by nature is, an “unstable matter”, which in time breaks down into its basic elements. This process is caused by natural ageing and acid secretion by the bacteria. One of these basic elements is asphalt; this becomes visible on the bottom of your tank/reservoir in small black particles. These asphalt particles are in fact an essential element of the diesel fuel. By having your fuel run through the strong magnetic field of our Fuel-Stabiliser, the diesel fuel is turned into a “stable” product again. This prevents the fuel disintegrating therefore achieving greater combustion.

2. Disruption of the Bacteria Cell Walls.

The cell wall consists of phospholipids and the cells wall has two functions:
Protecting the internal parts of the cell.
Separating the intercellular and extracellular salt of which the cell wall consists.

When the cell wall passes through the Fuel- Stabiliser’s strong magnetic field, the electrical charge that exists within the salts that make up the cell wall are disturbed.

Due to this action the bacteria can no longer regulate its Ph level (degree of acidity), rendering them in a dormant state, the direct result of this is that the bacteria can no longer multiply to form colonies (strings) of bacteria.

The bacteria cell wall recovery period after damage is approximately 26 days and during this period, the bacteria cannot form colonies.

Any bacteria that are still alive and able to form colonies will be captured by the Micro-Separator.

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