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Ride-On Tyre Protection System

LSM Technologies Ride-On Tyre Protection System ("Ride-On TPS")- a revolutionary line of Tyre Sealants & Balancers formulated to enhance Road Safety by preventing flats, increasing tyre life and maintaining longer set- point pressures.

LSM Technologies Ride-On Tyre Protection System is a revolutionary line of tyre Sealants & Balancers formulated to prevent flats caused by punctures. Ride-On Tyre Protection System (TPS) tyre Sealants & Blancer are available in various formulations to meet every application and tyre need.

Just a few of the features and benefits of Ride- on on TPS Sealants are:  

Fuel savings, better handling / braking, longer set- point pressures, eliminates porosity leaks, balance tyres / dampens vibration, corrosion protection for rims, cooler tyres, increased casing life, reduces downtime, puncture sealing, does not effect retreading / repairs, easier mounting / de- Mounting, saves labour, is safe to use and fully water dispersible

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