LSM Technologies

LSM Technologies philosophy is to always strive for "continuous improvement". As such, a lot has been learnt- but of course there is always more to learn!


We recognise that on- going training of all our personnel is also paramount to extend the service life of our customers equipment, reduce their costs, increase productivity, assist in their asset management objectives-as well as increase workplace safety and protection of our environment.  

As LSM Technologies grows, we will provide a working environment that encourages innovation across the business and where our employees are engaged in something which is tangibly more than just a job.

LSM Technologies values are the guiding principles that define how we conduct our business and what it stands for as a niche supplier. This means working as a team that:

  • Discovers: by opening our minds to new possibilities, thinking creatively and having the courage to learn from successes and failures, take on new challenges, capture opportunities and resolve problems.
  • Adds Value: continue to improve by providing high quality specialised product technologies, technical services and additional skills that will add value to our customers and clients operations.
  • Delivers: by taking personal responsibility and pride in our work to deliver timely, quality results that benefits LSM Technologies and our customers / clients and helps achieve our vision and strategy.
  • Collaborates: by recognising the value and power in diversity of thought and communicating openly to understand the perspectives of others. Demonstrating leadership by sharing what we know and respectfully challenging each other to achieve the best results for all.
  • Cares:  by taking the long-term view to build a sustainable future for our company, our people and the environments and communities in which we operate.
  • Educate: by providing added- value in learning and educational programs so as our customers and clients can optimise our specialised product technologies and maximise the savings that these provide.

These values are the basis of LSM Technologies commitment to operate with a view to its long-term sustainability, our employees and their families life style, company profitability and a focus on being a significant provider to our customers / clients operations.

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