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The latest in Engine Pre- Cleaner Technology, designed for maximum ejection of particulate, so as to increase filter life and reduce maintenance costs!

Sy- Klone Series 9000™ Engine Pre- Cleaners are the ultimate technology for ensuring that air borne debris do not enter the engine and provide extension of filter service life.

Compared to other ingestive or cheaper Pre- Cleaners, the Series 9000™ can increase Filter service life by upto and more than 700% and this means extensive savings and protection of your engines.

The Series 9000™ Engine Air Pre- Cleaners are suitable for:

  • Recommended Uses: Severe dust, rain, snow, off-road conditions, landfills, mining, forestry, farming and construction.
  • Recommended Mounting: All vertical and horizontal air cleaner housings, including the tube body systems.
  • Replaces: All other types of pre- cleaners such as Strata-style® tube body systems, internal precleaners, or dust bowls.
  • Air Flow Range: 20-1800 CFM- for higher CFM rates the Series 9000™ Sy- Klone Engine Air Pre- Cleaners can be easily extended by adding additional Series 9000™ into a manifold providing extensive CFM ratings for the largest of engines- and alsoa see our Optimax Series.

Please contact us for more information or technical engineering advise on your application.

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