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VT BrakeSafe: Parkbrake automatically applied if driver forgets
(Int. Patent Pending PCT/GB2016/053385)

Preventing Runaway / Rollaway accidents once and for all, VT BrakeSafe instantly applies the vehicle parkbrake if the driver attempts to leave the cab, preventing the vehicle from moving.

Prevent vehicle roll away Operates even with ignition off Audible warning included

"Prevent vehicle rollaway and potential accidents by automatically applying the Parkbrake"

VT BrakeSafeVT BrakeSafe is part of a cost effective technology that is simplistic in design but has been engineered to make an instant enhancement to your vehicles operational safety. Multiple variations of the system are available for almost every type of vehicle and operated plant.

The current levels of demand place on today's driver has never been higher, due to the requirement to monitor a range of cab safety & security systems and a whole plethora of other In-cabin technology.

Unfortunately, it's all too easy to forget the basic essentials such as applying the Parking / Hand brake - a problem that becomes more serious if a Trailer is coupled.

VT BrakeSafe will prevent this dangerous and possibly fatal event by automatically applying the Parkbrake if the vehicle Operator forgets to and then attempts to leave the vehicle. A voice warning will also give instructions to apply the Parkbrake and reset the system.

One of the best features of VT BrakeSafe is that it is autonomous-the driver doesn't have to press, look or interact with the safety system at all when driving. However, if they were to forget to apply the brake and then leave the vehicle, the system would automatically take control - even with the ignition off - eliminating any risk of vehicle rollaway and preventing unthinkable fatal accidents.

BrakeSafe will automatically apply the vehicle Parkbrake:

  • If a driver forgets.
  • Leaves the seat.
  • Opens the door.
  • No Pressure on Peddles
  • If Parkbrake is engaged due to air pressure loss, BrakeSafe will monitor release to prevent Rollaway during start- up. 
  • Works with Ignition On or Off.
  • Provides audible and visual alerts.

In addition, BrakeSafe integrates to our FSMTM Fleet Safety Manager Telematics / Web Based System for alerting, reporting, analysis of events and compliance.

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