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StopSafe: Controlled Stop Braking System- Vehicle comes to controlled stop on Emergency Button press

A solution to "out of control" vehicles, VT StopSafe can save lives by stopping the engine and applying ABS braking to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop when an emergency button is pressed.

Stop 'out of control' vehicle Combine audio & visuals Enviro friendly

Press to stop - it's that simple. Our emergency stopping button is one-of-a-kind.”

VT StopSafe: Emergency Stopping SystemOur VT StopSafe  is an excellent option for vehicles such as the municipal / buses, etc that is designed to bring any big lorry to a controlled stop in the case of a driver losing control.

VT StopSafe, effectively reduces the vehicle's speed while simultaneously bringing it to a controlled stop using the braking system. The system is activated using a secure emergency button installed to the vehicle dashboard, allowing the crew or a passenger to react to an emergency situation. For more information please contact us.

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