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STOPSAFE: Controlled Stop Braking System

STOPSAFE Prevent accidents involving "out-of-control" vehicles with our emergency braking system. VT StopSafe  is an excellent option for vehicles such as the municipal / buses, etc that is designed to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop in the case of a driver losing control.

STOPSAFE allows the a passenger to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop in an emergency situation should the driver become incapacitated. This patented system is the only emergency braking system to be approved by the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) making it the only system on the market to stop the risk of a vehicle becoming out of control.

STOPSAFE can integrated into our FSMTM - Fleet Safety & Maintenance Tracking System that provides 24/ 7 Monitoring, Data Collection, Live Alerting / Reporting  / Analysis and proof of Compliance. 

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