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IDENT DriveStop- RFID Tag Access / Anti- Theft Security System

IDENT DriveStop uses RFID Tag based access technology to improve vehicle safety and security using a control system that immobilises a vehicle's Ident DriveStopHandbrake and Engine system. When a driver presents their IDENT RFID Tag to the Reader Box they are given full access to the handbraking and ignition system until the vehicle door is opened.

When a vehicle door is opened the IDENT system engages the vehicles Handbrake which is locked until the Drivers RFID Tag is presented again. If the driver attempts to release the Handbrake without presenting their Tag the engine will stop.

IDENT DriveStop: Can also provide control of a specific section of the vehicle such as access to the Compactor controls on a Waste Truck.

IDENT DriveStop provide excellence in Vehicle Anti- theft  / Unauthorised Access  technology, providing the ultimate in vehicle security.

In addition, IDENT Drive Stop integrates into your Telematics / Web Based System for alerting, reporting, analysis of events and compliance. Please download the PDSheet below or for more information contact us.

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