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SensorVision Drive: Forward or Reversing Radar Detection + Auto- Emergency Braking for OFF Road Vehicles.

SensorVision Drive is similar to our Banksman but specifically designed for Off Road vehicles that require warning and Automatic Emergency Braking (for On Road vehicles), to provide  

SensorVision  technology is  technology is the ultimate in Forward or Reversing Safety with Radar sensing providing the Operator audible and visual alarms In-Cabin and is available in the following options:

  • Reversing Radar Sensor only.
  • Reversing Radar Sensor + Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB).

The SensorVision Drive technology is the ultimate in Reversing Safety with a fully programmable Multi- Radar Sensors. With the AEB (Automatic Emergency Braking) option if alerts are ignored, then SensorVision Drive Radar automatically applies the Handbrake's using unrivalled accuracy and reliability.

Detect approaching hazards Editable Radar allows swap to vehicles Robust Waterproof Body

Due to the size and shape of Quarrying, Construction and Earthmoving Vehicles the he possibility of colliding with objects and obstacles is very high in these situations and therefore avoidance measures are needed.

Our SensorVision Drive is a forward or reverse facing Radar Detection System system that detects hazards and warns the Operator of any danger using multi- antenna Radar Sensors.

Able to detect oncoming objects with enhanced accuracy and being able to program the Radar Sensors also means that radar detection patterns can be edited, making each Radar Unit between different sized vehicles / machines.

The Balfour Betty approved system uses three specific detection zones to highlight the dangers at the front of the vehicle, which are displayed visually and audibly to the driver using an alarmed Cabin Panel.

Each Radar Sensor is individually programmed for a specific detection zone, making it unique to your vehicles size and shape, within an incredibly rugged and robust body to guarantee survival against the worst conditions.

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