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LSM Technologies introduces our In- Vehicle Monitoring Systems (IVMS) is part of our "Vehicle Protection Solutions" Division providing a unique specialised Fleet and Asset Management Web based Software for Reporting / Analysis with specialised integrated Hardware so as to reduce your Fleet Operating Costs, increase Productivity and enhance Safety for your Operators / Drivers

LSM SAFETRACS IVMS System is a powerful, web based fleet tracking and management solution scalable from single vehicle up to thousands. It provides a simple and intuitive web browser for such operational aspects as:

  • Clear visual interface of fleet and vehicle utilisation current status.
  • Distance Travelled, Number of Stops, Engine Time, Engine Idle, Speeding etc.
  • Clear and accurate vehicle movement history.
  • Driver ID, location and details of driving events.
  • Geo- fencing and No- go areas.
  • Driver Routing.
  • Complete Web based Reporting and Alerts.
  • And much more..........

LSM SAFETRACS IVMSystems are unlike other Fleet Management / Tracking Systems, in that it also integrates into unique vehicle monitoring hardware interfaces, such as LSM Technologies:

Full SMS / Email Alerts, Trending Data, Analysis and Reporting for all aspects of these and other specialised Hardware

LSM- SAFETRACS Safety, Asset, Fleet and Equipment Tracking and Management Technology- now intergrates our TPMSystems and DFM Camera

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