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Vision Techniques is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers for >30 years of patented specialised Vehicle Safety Mitigation Controls to reduce the risk of Collision, Vehicle Theft, Vehicle Runaways / Rollaways, Operator RFID Control Security and maximisation of Fleet Efficiency.

As the Australasian partner for VT Vehicle Safety Controls, LSM Technologies are proud to introduce their latest Patented development-  STOPSAFE Emergency Controlled Stop Braking System which is tested and certified by the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency

STOPSAFE system has been developed following on from the Glasgow tragedy in 2014 where a driver lost consciousness while at the wheel of a moving refuse lorry resulting in six deaths and leaving 15 people injured. One of the 19 x recommendations in the summary of the determinations by Scotland Judiciary- Sheriff John Beckett QC was the fitment of AEBS (Automatic Emergency Braking System) technology like the VT STOPSAFE.

STOPSAFE effectively reduces the vehicle’s speed while simultaneously bringing it to a controlled stop using the braking system. The system is activated using a secure emergency lever installed to the vehicle dashboard, allowing the crew (or a passenger) to react to an emergency situation should the driver become incapacitated.

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LSM Technologies displaying its OH&S and Productivity Technologies at the AWRE Exhibition

LSM Technologies displaying its OH&S and Productivity Technologies at the AWRE Exhibition

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STOPSAFE- Emergency Controlled Stop Braking System- certified by VCA

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